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Our Profile

We are a top-tier integrated service provider serving strategic mining markets.

Founded in 2021 as an integrated mining service provider, our business focus is to enter developing mining regions and support the growth of these markets with legacy project management expertise and advanced mining services.

Our services cover the full lifecycle of the mining value chain – right from greenfield exploration, into production and operations, all the way through to mine closer. Our key company mandate is to accelerate the growth and development of the mining sector in the regions we operate in. We do this by deploying our integrated model of operating end-to-end at every stage or by providing advanced mining services to cater to scope-specific requirements.

Our business is about working with people. Across every service area we ensure that our project teams are fit-for-purpose and led by some of the most experienced professionals in the global mineral resource industry, covering expertise in geology, geotechnical, geoscience, mine engineering, project management, operations and environmental & waste management. Key company priorities are Risk Management, Operations Optimization & International Best Practices (IBP). 

Our Leadership

EMCOR was founded by entrepreneurs and experienced professionals with a vision to build a company based on high-performance, value creation and sustainability.

The company's founders operate at the executive leadership and management level ensuring that the company's philosophy is embedded and maintained across its operations.

Our executive management 

Cy Profile (Round).png
Cyrus Rahimtoola
Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and seasoned business developer, Cyrus is the founder of EMCOR and sits on the executive leadership team as CEO of the company.

He has built a solid track-record across multiple sectors in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, covering Oil & Gas, Technology, Transport, Renewables and Logistics.

Cyrus oversees EMCOR's executive corporate and business strategy, project development and management, investment management and the company's operations.

Sultan Profile (Round).png
Sultan Al Saadi
Technical Director

Sultan is a qualified geologist with a successful track-record in the metals & mining sector, both as an exploration geologist and as a business owner.

He is the founder of Geo Solutions Engineering, one of Oman's leading geotechnical drilling & engineering contractors.

He has worked for some of Oman's largest mining companies as well as one of the world's leading geotechnical surveying firms, Fugro. Sultan oversees EMCOR's exploration and technical operations.

Our Company Philosophy

Accelerating growth and development for the next generation of global mineral wealth.

Our company philosophy is focused on adding value to a sustainable future in all aspects. The global mineral resource sector is one of the most fundamental contributors to our existence. We want to ensure it also contributes to a sustainable future.

Our Mission:

To support the growing demand to unlock new sources of critical minerals in strategic markets by providing state-of-the-art mining services and legacy expertise to the global mineral resource industry.

Our Vision:

To become a major integrated metals and mining company, leading the next generation of high-performance and growth in the global mineral resource and metals industry.

Our Mandate:

Accelerate the growth and development of the mining sector in key developing markets, in a sustainable manner.

What we do


End-to-End Exploration Management and advanced mining services, covering data acquisition, surveying, geophysics, geotechnical, drilling, resource & reserve audits, PEA and feasibility studies.


mine 21.jpg

Mine Development, Management & Operations services, including mine planning, design, engineering and production management. We focus heavily on operations optimization.

Mine Operations


Investment Support

Investment Management Support services, helping investors to identify  suitable project opportunities while helping mine owners to maximize the value of their assets.


We source strategic commodities and products that are fundamental to our daily lives from global suppliers - and sell them to customers across the world.


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