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Our Core Services

The quality of our services centers around proven expertise and deploying International Best Practices (IBP).

Our services portfolio allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to project development right through to delivery, providing a large degree of flexibility for our clients.


We focus heavily on risk management and project optimization, both of which have a direct affect on our health & safety protocols as well as our quality procedures. This allows us to ensure a high-performance standard irrespective of the scope and size of a contract.


Our ability to operate to such standards is due to the quality of the expertise we deploy and partners we work with. We have partnerships with some of the industry's leading companies in mineral exploration, geology, mine engineering and operations, all of whom have decades of experience across major mining markets covering the full mining life-cycle. 


Deploying risk management

Exploration is the first stage in the mining life cycle and is the primary risk management phase that determines a project's feasibility.


Depending on the target mineral resource and area profile, exploration can be an extremely complex and lengthy process, and requires a substantial amount of experience, expertise and luck.

Exploration cost a lot of money and creates a huge amount of financial risk for developers and investors. However, the upside can be equally rewarding which is why proper design, planning and implementation of exploration programs that are specific to the focused mineral resource - is extremely important.


Management & Operations

Focusing on optimized asset performance

Ensuring that your mine is designed, constructed and operated according to your investment strategy and in line with industry standards - is our priority.


We start by analyzing a mine's geological and geotechnical characteristics in order to optimize the design and planning. This ensures a mine operates in the most optimal and cost-efficient way, unlocking its true potential and value. 


At EMCOR, we are also extremely conscious of the carbon footprint created by the mining sector and the impact it can have on the environment. We work with leading consultants to understand how to minimize our environmental & ecological impact during our project planning and execution stages.


Investment Management

Identifying & unlocking value

Our growing network in the global mineral resource industry means we have access to a diverse pool of exploration companies, developers and investors.


Where we see value, we support. Particularly in developing markets, we connect mine owners and developers with expertise and investment to create valuable long-term partnerships.


As an integrated service provider, we also bring technical knowledge and operational expertise that supports owners and investors with managing their partnerships and projects – ensuring that collective project and investment interests are aligned and maintained.



Moving commodities across the globe

The movement of commodities is a major driver of global economic trade and is the primary activity that ensures the constant supply of raw materials across the world.

We physical source commodities and products from our growing international supplier base - and market them to customers globally. These commodities range from produced ore and processed mineral concentrate to secondary input feed stock for key industries.


Our growing network of strategically located stakeholders operating within the global metals and mining sectors, provides us with the ability to leverage the complete industry value chain particularly in developing markets.

Supporting your requirements

Do you have immediate requirements or are you planning?

Our operations model and network provides us with a significant amount of flexibility to assemble and mobilize our experts to you.

In our strategic focused markets, we deploy our project teams and locally available resources which are supported by our international partners.


Our growing network of investors and project developers is becoming increasingly important for us due to the growth in global mineral resource activity and the need for capital and expertise.

Please visit our contacts page to get in touch with us.

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