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Moving commodities

Supplying the world's natural resources and raw materials.

The movement of commodities is a major driver of global economic trade and is the primary activity that ensures the constant supply of raw materials to industries across the world.

We physical source commodities and products from our growing international supplier base - and market them to customers globally. These commodities range from produced ore and processed mineral concentrate to vital input feed stock for key industries.

EMCOR is headquartered in the Sultanate of Oman, a historic trading hub that today serves as a strategic mid-point between global East-West trade routes. Our central position in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as easy access to major trading hubs in Asia, Africa and Europe gives us access to an international trade network of strategically located stakeholders operating within the global metals and mining sector.

What we market

The value of our marketing services heavily depends on the range of our commodities, suppliers and customers . Our current commodity focus includes: 

  • Industrial minerals  (ore and concentrate)

  • Base metal (ore and concentrate)

  • Base metal (finished goods)

  • Scrap metal (input feed stock)

  • Direct Shipping Ore


Our strategic suppliers

We source commodities from well-established markets and producers who have been supplying raw material to major industries for decades. 

Our customers

We largely focus on customers in developing markets, particularly in the regions where we operate our mining activities.

Our network

Our growing network extends beyond metals and mining companies, but also includes regional processing, storage and transportation companies.

How we add value

The purpose for our marketing activities is to add value to suppliers looking to engage new customers and for industries needing access to competitive sources of raw material.

Industry Expertise

Our core business starts at the beginning of the metals and mining value chain. We work directly for the companies that explore, extract and produce commodities.

Global Trading Partners

Our trading partners have decades-worth of experience in the global financial markets and understand the macro-fundamentals of commodities and their cycles.

Strategic Geography

We sit at the center of global East-West trade routes with direct access to some of the fastest growing economies. We serve as a bridge to connect supply and demand.

Supporting your requirements

Do you have immediate requirements or are you planning?

Our operations model and network provides us with a significant amount of flexibility to assemble and mobilize our experts to you.

In our strategic focused markets, we deploy our project teams and locally available resources which are supported by our international partners.


Our growing network of investors and project developers is becoming increasingly important for us due to the growth in global mineral resource activity and the need for capital and expertise.

Please visit our contacts page to get in touch with us.

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