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Unlocking Value

Building long-term partnerships and creating sustainable value-based projects.

Our global network of mineral resource developers and investors means that we have a substantial ability to develop sustainable value-based projects and create long-term profitable partnerships.

Developing and investing in a mining project is a long-term commitment and requires partners to be aligned in terms of project and investment goals. Where we see value, we support. Particularly in developing markets, we connect new mine owners with industry developers and investors to create valuable long-term partnerships.

Our core business profile allows us to create significant added-value by supporting these partnerships with key exploration and mine management & operations expertise - whereby creating an effective consortium development model. This ensures that combined project development and investment interests are aligned, developed and achieved.

Our project development philosophy

  • Identify long-term value-based opportunities

  • Commodity/industry-specific feasibility based on global and regional macroeconomic fundamentals

  • Detailed project development based on profit-driven and risk management fundamentals

  • Strategic project resource assessments and planning

  • Sourcing strategic value-added project partners



Creating project synergies

We offer a suite of value-added solutions to develop project opportunities by combining strategic development & investment partners with experienced mining expertise.

  • Project Development & Management 

  • Sourcing of Mine Developers & Investors

  • Project Resource Planning

  • Project Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Planning

  • Property Evaluation, Due Diligence and Technical Assessment 

  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Reviews

  • Investment Management Services

  • Local Asset Management & Operations

Supporting your requirements

Do you have immediate requirements or are you planning?

Our operations model and network provides us with a significant amount of flexibility to assemble and mobilize our experts to you.

In our strategic focused markets, we deploy our project teams and locally available resources which are supported by our international partners.


Our growing network of investors and project developers is becoming increasingly important for us due to the growth in global mineral resource activity and the need for capital and expertise.

Please visit our contacts page to get in touch with us.

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